I turned 19 on the 28th of November, and to celebrate this, my boyfriend and I went to Amsterdam. This wasn’t my first holiday without my parents, as in Summer I went to Magaluf ( my parents were 99% ready to disown me. But another post on that!). But this was my first holiday with my boyfriend, and honestly it was one of the best 4 days ever.

Our flight was at 7 am on Monday the 28th, so we were out the house and on our way to Liverpool Airport by 5 am. I would say I was half asleep and the early rise nearly killed me, but I was too excited to feel any tiredness.

We arrived at Schiphol airport around half 9, Amsterdam time. We were both buzzing, ready to go explore canals, find our hotel, and have a drink. However, as we are both English and do not speak Dutch, finding our way out of the airport and get to the airport was an issue.

So we eventually bought ourselves a 3 day travel card for  €25, which was the best thing we purchased there. We finally got to our hotel at half 11, checked into our room, and set out to the Anne Frank Museum.

I had always wanted to visit the Anne Frank Museum, so before we left we booked tickets for this, as well as the Heineken Experience and the Van Gogh Museum. I would advise to do this, as this can be cheaper than buying on the day and also means that if the museum/ tour is fully booked, you definitely have a place! On the other hand, booking in advance does mean you’re tied down to this, and must be at the  place at a specific time, which isn’t brilliant if you find yourself lost!

I found the Anne Frank Museum interesting, as well as emotional. I found it thought-provoking walking throughout the house, and felt slightly emotional when seeing the pencil drawings marking Anne’s and Margot’s heights when growing up.

After the museum, we continued exploring Amsterdam, and for tea we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, a family tradition of mine – every country we visit, we must eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was really good, wasn’t particularly special considering it was a chain restaurant, however after a day of walking, it was what we needed!

We originally intended to go out to some bars and a club after this, however considering it was a Monday, and we didn’t know our way around the city, we ended up having some (painfully expensive) drinks at The Bulldog Cafe. It was a chilled evening, and after a drink we eventually walked back to the hotel room.

Next day was the Heineken Experience, something I wasn’t particularly excited for, however I knew it was something which Harry wanted to do. Unsurprisingly, after a litre and a half of free Heineken beer between us, we both came tumbling out of the brewery, giggling together and deciding that the tour was the best thing we had done so far. Sober, I still agree with the statement.

That evening we decided to try and find the infamous Red Light District. I would consider myself an open minded person, and as a teenager growing up on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook (and a Tinder account), I have seen things that I really wished I hadn’t, so I was prepared to see the sights of the Red Light District. However, I was shocked at the neon-red framed windows, with scantily clad (to say the least) women sitting on a stool, winking at tourists, posing for men, and some even on their phones, waiting for business to come through the door. It was what I was expecting, yet also slightly horrifying. So after a (brisk) walk up and down the district, we turned into an alley and found a little restaurant where we both ate, and headed back to the hotel. We decided to have a night in, as we had been walking all day, and needed a rest.

Wednesday was our last day, and after a late start, we immediately realised we were going to be late for our time slot at the Van Gogh Museum. So we ran down the (many) flights of stairs and went to the tram stop. Thankfully (and incredibly), we were in the museum and looking at Van Gogh’s work within 15 minutes.

To sum Wednesday up, we just wandered around, enjoying the city on our final day. And it was a really good, relaxing final day.

Until evening came. And then the entire night was a blur.

All I can say is, 10 shots of Jägermeister and Apple Sourz for  €10 is LETHAL. Especially when your boyfriend decides that buying 3 rounds of shots is a good idea. So 30 shots between us. Oh dear God.

All I can say is, worst hangover we have both ever had.

But the trip was amazing and such a perfect way to spend my birthday. Decided that I want to go back, preferably in Summer when it’s warmer!






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