Hello! This is my first post, and it makes sense to write a classic “Introduction” post to say who I am, why I am doing this, etc.

My name is Maisie and I am 19 years old. In March, I am going travelling around South East Asia for just over 3 months with my boyfriend and to fund this trip I am working in a pub. Not the most exciting job, and not where I thought I’d be when I was 19, but alas, here I am.

I am from North Wales, with a Welsh mother and an Irish father. I have a sister called Emma, who also runs a blog, and works for Debut Magazine.

Originally, in year 12 of Sixth Form I began to stress about my future as I had no clue what I wanted to do. However my mum influenced me to look into costumes for theatre, as she used to be a costume assistant in a local theatre. So, I began to learn to sew.

I enjoy sewing because, as I am utterly shit at drawing, it allowed me to be creative and produce a piece of art. My first sewing experience was when I was probably 8 or 9 – I made a rag doll named Jim, made out of scrap curtain fabric (my mum used to sew curtains – very exciting I know). However my first costume I made was a basic pinafore for a Dorothy costume for a sixth form social which was, funnily enough, cancelled. Therefore the costume was  never worn (BUT is in wardrobe, just incase.) Then, in summer 2015 I set myself the task of creating two costumes for my school’s production of ‘Wicked’. So that summer was full of black net, old blue silk, and a shit-ton of iridescent sequins which still haunt the kitchen to this day.

So, I applied to a few universities to do costume production, and I got into one, which was (thankfully) my first choice. Supposedly, I am going to this university in September, which is all fine and well.

Except its not, as 2016 was a shit year and made me panic and change my mind about everything.

So now, I am excited for travelling, yet at same time, utterly shitting it, as when I get home, I need to know what the fuck I will be doing when September comes around.

And that’s my introduction post! Hope this gives you an idea of who I am.





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