Future in Fashion?

Since the Summer I began to panic about my future, as I had no clue what I wanted to do as I had lost interest in the course I had applied for. My parents, friends and boyfriend all said the same thing; “do a course you’re interested in!”. Which I agree is a good point, however when you actually think about it and realise that, actually, you don’t really know what you’re interested in, the advice is useless.

I know that it’s stupid saying that I don’t know what I’m interested in, but it’s true. If I’m not working, or seeing friends, I just watch Netflix, sleep and eat. I was never really sporty in school, so I’m not athletic. One thing however which has always taken my interest, is fashion. But I never really considered a future in fashion, yet thinking about it, I don’t now why.

Being brought up with an older sister, I used to read her old copies of Company Magazine, and my mum’s Vogue magazines (when she used to buy them, which was rare!). But looking back, I did always find myself gazing at the couture advertisements and spreads, wishing I could wear the huge frilly dresses and flowing gowns. Nowadays, on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, when couture and high end fashion images are posted, I still find myself longing to feel the fabrics  watch the pieces be worn down the runway.

So now I find myself looking at fashion courses. As much as I wish I could apply for a design course, my incredibly poor drawing skills would let me down, annoyingly. However, I do find myself longing to be part of the industry, weather it be marketing a new designer or brand, to being part of a team to help run a fashion show – I wish I could be part of the industry.

I’m not stupid and I know the fashion industry is one of the most difficult and (probably) bitchiest industries to enter, however, when it’s something you’re strongly interested in, and want to be part of it that much, you’re ready to try.

So, over the next few weeks, I will be frantically searching for fashion marketing and fashion history courses; wish me luck!



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