Panic and Fear for the Future

Hello! It has been too long since I was last on here, but truth be told, I’ve been feeling incredibly uninspired to write or do anything, all because I am constantly fearing and worrying for the future if it doesn’t go a certain way, even though I have no control.

I have been organised – I paid for travelling (which is 7 weeks away on Monday!), booked doctors appointments, finally sent off my university application (which is stressing me out so much it is ridiculous).

I am just really, really, really scared if I don’t get into a university, or even if the course I am applying for isn’t actually what I want to do. Basically, I am overthinking everything to a point where it is literally affecting my day to day life. I am struggling to sleep, constant mood swings – some days I feel inspired, positive and hopeful for the future, and others I don’t want to do anything but crawl into bed and cry for the rest of the week. So yeah, not ideal.

I will keep this post short and sweet – basically I need to chill the fuck out and let things run its course.



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