Packing List for Travelling

7 weeks today until travelling begins… crazy to think I am going next month! Still remember the exact moment when we booked it, and paid off the flights and the tour. So with around 2 months to go, and because I am getting ridiculously excited, I am already thinking about what to pack.

I have looked up what a lot of people take with them and what they wear, and one thing which popped up a lot were Birkenstocks – comfy, practical yet reliable. So, by the luck of the Gods, Asos had a metallic silver pair in the sale, so after a week of inner debating, I decided to get them, and such a good idea it was. I am wearing them around the house to wear them in, and I can already tell they will be so comfy. They aren’t like what I expected – they’re a lot sturdier and stay on my feet better than I thought, meaning they will be perfect for walking around Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore  as it will be so hot! I am also planning on taking my trusty Nike trainers, as they are pretty old now, yet very comfortable, and light to wear, meaning I can wear these in Tokyo and also for travelling due to their comfort and warmth. I am also looking into getting a pair of walking boots for trekking, as I saw a video about Thailand where it suggested a hike in Northern Thailand to local tribes, which i think would be fascinating to see.

Clothing wise, I had a rummage in my wardrobe and found some things which are light, small when packing and comfortable, as well as respectful, to take with me. So this SHOULD mean I don’t need to buy any more clothing. But most likely will be heading to Forever 21 and Primark to get a few cheap bits and bobs!

I did get my bag this week which I think is suitable for the trip,however Harry thinks it isn’t ideal, so I will maybe have another look to see if another bag is better.

Feeling very excited now for travelling, it has finally hit me that I am going to South East Asia!


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