“Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”

I cannot explain how much I hate this question. It just makes me feel incredibly under pressure to say an impressive answer, as if I totally have a plan of what I want to do. It’s unfair, to expect a person to know what they’ll be doing in a few years time. Life’s unpredictable, stuff comes up and opportunities arise, so of course your life plan won’t happen within the next 5 years (if you have one, that is.)

When I finished high school, I went to sixth form, where we were pretty much encouraged to think about applying for university. I knew I wanted to go to university, but was not sure what to do. So, as with many of my problems, I ignored it as much as I could. But eventually I had to sort it out (just to go through interviews, create a portfolio, only to withdraw the application. Lol.)

But honestly, why do older people expect teenagers and people in their early twenties to have a straightforward idea of what we want to do? There are so many options now, different routes, different futures that anyone can do, yet it’s so difficult to decide.

Not really sure what the point of this post is exactly, but I just need to get it off my chest, that when people ask me where I see myself in the future, I want the answer of “I don’t have a clue” to be an acceptable answer.

I am not saying that I don’t have aspirations in life, and whatever I do I want to be successful and good at it. But it’s just a case of finding out what career I want to do.


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