I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY. I am so, so, so unbelievably relieved/excited its crazy. Yesterday, I opened my emails after work, wondering if UCAS have emailed. 50% of me wanting them to email me, other 50% not wanting them to email me. But hazar, by the luck of the Gods, there in front of me on my phone screen, the best 2 words any student applying for university can see; “Unconditional Offer”. I cried, mum cried, Emma cried. Harry just carried on playing on the GoPro.  Like I am so much more excited than I was last year when I got a place at Rose Bruford, it’s clear that I made the right choice taking the year out. Another bonus? I didn’t have to go through the stress of creating a portfolio, meaning I can create arty things for my own pleasure, rather than trying to think of what would please universities.

I feel so much happier and excited for the future now its ridiculous. The thought of living independently, studying a topic which I am interested in (wonder how long it will last for lol).

But honestly, it’s such a relief knowing in September I’m going to uni. I won’t be stuck working at the pub!!!!!

Now I can fully focus on travelling, sort stuff out, and look forward to the future.




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