Countdown to Travelling: 3 Weeks

Ok so I may have skipped 11 weeks on this countdown, but hey ho. 3 weeks left! So excited now yet also beginning to feel a bit nervous, as I have never gone to Asia, and also never been this far away from home, and never been away for 3 months! However hopefully it will be an amazing trip and distract me from feeling homesick.

I am almost more excited for travelling now I know I have got a place at university, as I can go travelling and relax, knowing I am going somewhere in September, and not spending another 7 months at a pub!

I’ve had almost all my jabs now, including rabies, typhoid, hep A and B. Thankfully, I’ve managed to get some jabs for free as they’re boosters however for rabies I had to spend £207. Ouch. However its something I have to get, better safe than sorry! Also, by having so many injections, it has helped me get over my fear of needles! (Every cloud has a silver lining!)

I will (try) to do more posts before I go, but I can be shit at making promises.



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