Countdown to Travelling: 2 Weeks!!!

2 weeks before I go away, a week till I quit my job. SO bloody excited to quit work, it’s been a long 7 months working there for almost everyday! All worth it though (I think). Like I did genuinely hate the job at times, like for a while I used to just get home and cry from just thinking about facing the pub the next day. But thankfully I stuck it out and earned the money. I loved the people I worked with, and I will miss seeing them every week, but I am definitely ready to leave now! Favourite customers have been in (yes it gets to a point where 80-something year old couples become very good to talk to), and they’ve been counting down the weeks till I go.

Last minute things to do involve:

  • Final 2 rabies jabs (one was cancelled and rebooked)
  • Need a waterproof watch
  • Need few more tops
  • blister plasters
  • suncream
  • BB cream
  • Photos for visas
  • Photocopies of passports
  • New phone charger (mine thought last night was the perfect time to die on me)

Now I hope that is it, but knowing me I will realise I need something vital before we go. I ordered a GoPro harness and stick so we should be all sorted with that. Let’s just hope it’s worth the money!



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