Hong Kong

Firstly, hello! I am back from probably the most adventurous, fulfilling and expensive 13 weeks of my life. I loved most of it, obviously there were the odd moments where all I wanted was to be home with my family. However most of the time, I fell in love with the adventure filled days, from exploring temples and cities to finding hidden beaches to chasing waterfalls to even just scooting around on a scooter – I adored the excitement of knowing there was adventure and something to do day after day.

Our first stop was Hong Kong, where we realized months after we did not budget well. However, we thoroughly enjoyed it – the warm climate took us by surprise though (little did we know).

When we first arrived, we wandered around the city, getting to understand our surroundings. I have been to Hong Kong years ago with my family, and I don’t believe it has changed that much. The city was just as exciting as it was years ago, with the view from Victoria Peak utterly stunning (and a bit foggy) and the Big Buddha amazing, tucked up within the clouds. One part of the Big Buddha I found stunning was the Po Lin Monastery nearby, the vast building and statues were incredible. One thing I found myself stunned by, even in Thailand, was the attention to detail on all temple. The intricacy and attention to the details were stunning, and make these places of worship fascinating to look at.

We of course treated ourselves to some Bubba Gump Shrimp and a Hard Rock Cafe (which became a tradition wherever we went – if there was a Hard Rock in a country we visited, we ate there).

One thing in Hong Kong which took my breath away was the skyline. Day and night, the structure of the city was beautiful to look at, especially in the evenings when there were light shows!

This is the first of my travel blog posts, and this was written the same day when I came home so excuse me if the grammar and language is appalling – it may be only 9pm here at home but its 4am back in Bali!



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  1. Choi says:

    Totally ageee! Hk skyline is the best!


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